Keurig K145 Office Pro Single Serve Coffeemaker Review

by Ana Maria | Last Updated: March 22, 2021

Talk of utility, convenience, and ease of use all in a single package, then the Keurig k145 Office Pro comes to mind. The system brews up to three cup sizes of your favorite beverage under sixty seconds whether you are at the office or home.

What we like about this brewer, is its sturdy nature. Having been crafted from heavy-duty materials, this Keurig K145 Office Pro Single Serve Coffee maker seems like it would withstand substantial abuse without giving in.

You will also like the removable and easy to clean 48oz water reservoir. You are at liberty to brew quite a number cups without the worry of refilling the tank for every shot.

This offers great convenience, for anyone having a busy schedule, typical of the office environment. Speaking of an office set up, the removable water reservoir means that refilling it won’t leave your workplace messy. Again, it comes with a removable tray that can accommodate your travel mugs and keeps your tabletop mess free.

Who doesn’t like a sleek gadget at their office?

The Keurig k145 is visually captivating with easy to use programmable buttons atop it. This feature allows you to set the hour and minute that you want your cup of joe ready.

Though it works pretty well, you may have to endure some bit of loud noise (hum) due to the heavy duty pump that powers this machine – which won’t be a big deal anyway, since it takes less than a minute to get your cup of coffee ready.

Also, the lack of compatibility with My k-cup makes it a rather expensive entity, since you won’t be able to utilize your ground coffee. You have to purchase k-cups from the known brands which in our case means a high maintenance cost.





Keurig k145 Office Pro utilizes a heavy-duty pump to make a decent cup of coffee in under a minute. This makes it an ideal choice for a busy office environment. The study design and heavy-duty pump ensures that huge office traffic is diligently served without the system prematurely breaking down.

Now everybody in your office can brew whatever beverage they like. Also, the auto-off feature that swings into action after two hours of the machine being idle helps in energy conservation.

This system gives you the opportunity to make that cider, tea, hot chocolate or cup of hot water for something else by pressing the brew button without inserting a k-cup

You have a choice of three cup sizes to suit your cravings. You can choose the 6oz, 8oz or 10oz depending on whether you like your cup of Joe mild, weak or strong.

Again, the gadget comes along with a removable drip tray which is used to accommodate travel mugs and comes with a bonus of 12 Count k-cup variety box.

Setting up this system is pretty simple. When out of the box, you need to do some clean up by running it with a few cups of water just to make sure that you get rid of the chemicals and the factory smell.

Unlike other Keurig brewers in the market, this model makes a relatively hot cup of coffee. If you needed a strong and bold cup of coffee, then the best bet would stick with 6 or 8 oz. but if you needed some lighter coffee, then you would consider the 10 oz cup size.

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Possible alternatives

Due to its heavy pump, the k145 has been accused of being a bit louder than other models when brewing. If you needed a quieter model, then you could consider those with a “quiet brew technology”, but most of them have weaker pumps and have a tendency of failing to work prematurely.

Also, the Keurig k145 is a single serve brewer, which means it can only make a single cup of beverage at a go. Therefore if you needed several cups at once for your office team, you would consider a system that can brew a carafe pot.

That being said, you can still have this machine sit side by side with another standard coffee maker that can make several cups for your household or guests.


All in all, this Office Pro Single Serve Coffee maker is a robust machine with a heavy pump meant for heavy use at the office. Its robust nature ensures that it won’t break down quickly.

It is a sure bet for those in need of an office workhorse that will provide them with endless cups of their favorite beverages at their beckon. This is a versatile brewer that allows you to enjoy up to 500 varieties of drinks in the k-cup family from a whole lot of 75 globally known brands.

The only thing that you should make sure is that, you buy it directly online from Keurig or through authorized business product distributors to avoid getting a faulty product or one which has missing parts.