The Single-Cup Brewing System: Origins and Rise to Popularity

by Ana Maria | Last Updated: March 22, 2021

The mastermind in creating single-serve coffee makers is Keurig® and they also happen to be the producer of the K-Cup® pods. Because of the efficiency and convenience of the K-Cup pods, it became popular especially with coffee lovers (who find store-bought coffee to be a little on the expensive side) who want to brew their mixes in the comfort of their homes.

So, aside from Keurig, what other coffee makers use K-Cups? 2012 is the year where different brands launched their single-serve coffee makers and containers because of the expiration of Keurig’s main patent. However, some brewer models only accept K-Cups manufactured by Keurig.

Some of Keurig’s K-Cup machines are the Keurig K55, K250, K475 and K575 to name a few, but the rise of different K-Cup coffee makers have resulted in the development of various models from the most affordable to the pricey ones.

With the diversity of coffee makers, they compete not much on the features or programming but mainly on how the machine brings out of the coffee bean the best of flavors and aroma.

If you are a simple coffee drinker who just needs your daily dose of caffeine then, there is no reason to spend as much as over a hundred bucks for a serviceable brewer.

For coffee lovers and aficionados, there is nothing more rewarding than taking a sip and savoring the taste of freshly ground and brewed coffee from a good coffee maker even if it means sparing a little more cash.

Other Single-Serve Coffee Makers

1. Starbucks® Verismo® 580 Brewer

2. Mixpresso’s K-Cup (Gray)

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3. Cuisinart® SS-700

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4. Cuisinart® SS-10 Premium Single-Serve Coffee Maker

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5. Aicok Compact Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Brewer and Dispensing Machine

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6. BUNN® My Café® MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer

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7. TOUCH™ Plus T526S Single-Serve Brewing System

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These are just some single-serve coffee makers great and affordable for household and office use. If you want to know what other coffee makers use K-Cups, you can do more research. While more expensive, they have more features compared to the ones mentioned above. The most important thing in a coffee maker is the taste of the coffee it produces.