Best Keurig single cup coffeemaker- Top Picks and Reviews for 2021

by Ana Maria | Last Updated: March 22, 2021

Why would you choose a Keurig single cup coffeemaker? Because Keurig brand continues to rule the roost in the coffee industry. This manufacturer enjoys a wider acceptance than any other brand for a couple of reasons.

First, Keurig has something for everyone thanks to its wide range of coffeemakers with varying features. Second, their customer service is top-class.

Even better, most of their machines are compatible with over 75 coffee brands and upwards of 500 coffee varieties. Tell me, who would say no to such versatility?!

Best Keurig single cup coffee makers worth your check:

Keurig K475 Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker

The K475 is a sibling and an replica of the K575- a versatile coffeemaker that you’ll see later in these reviews.
This might be an alternative model in case you don’t want to go past the 150-dollar mark for a single serve coffee maker. So, what does it bring to the table?

Large colored touch screen control panel

The most notable aspect about the K475 is the bold move from hundreds of buttons to a single touch-sensitive control panel.
This is a 2.4-inch LCD screen that is bound to evoke a feeling of advanced technology and complexity. But it’s not any hard to use once you get a good hold of it. If anything, this screen only boosts your kitchen’s or office’s contemporary aesthetics.

Large water reservoir

If you are a heavy coffee drinker, then the size of the water tank is something that you’ll want to take seriously. The K475 brings you one of the largest tanks that we’ve seen on these systems.
This is a 70-ounce reservoir that allows you to enjoy up to 8 cups of joe before the need to top up. But what we appreciate most is that it is removable. This means that you can refill it without messes or having to lag around the entire system.

Brew size convenience

Another feature that you’ll really love about this machine is the different cup and carafe sizes that it brews with a simple touch of the screen.
This machine allows you to brew into a 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12oz in under a minute. If you have some coffee lovers around, you could simply use a 22, 26, or 30-oz carafe and a k-carafe pod to brew several cups of coffee in under 5 minutes.

Customizable brew strength

Besides being able to select your desired cup size, it’s with no doubts that you’ll love being able to customize the strength of your shot to suit your taste buds’ desires.
You also have 5 temperature settings to ensure that you get the perfect extraction. These settings also allow you to take your beverage at your desired temperatures.


We also love that you can set the K475 to start the brewing process just a minute before waking up. This eliminates one step in your morning routine thereby saving you time.



Our take

The K475 is a go to model if you are looking for a reliable coffee system for a busy home or office. The ability to brew into cups or a carafe means that it can cater for a solo coffee lover or a small group with much ease.

Using it is super easy and it also offers hot water on demand simply by lifting and closing the brew handle.

It’s large, though, and might require more space on your office or kitchen tops. If you want something smaller, then the Keurig K55 below might be worth checking out.

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Keurig K55 Classic Coffee Maker – Best Overall

As one of the most sought-after systems, the Keurig K55 classic coffee maker combines both ease of use and top-notch functionality.

If you are a fun of the Keurig K45, you might like the fact that the Keurig K55 is an improvement of the former. It has some few touch ups here and there.

Has a wide variety of coffee flavors and brands to choose from.

The K55 is compatible with all the k-cup pods brands available. You may select your favorite flavor from a list of over 500 varieties from 75 world-renowned brands. Notably, if you believe in your prowess, you can also brew your own ground coffee thanks to its compatibility with My K-cup reusable filter.

Moreover, you have an option of dispensing hot water from this machine for that cup of tea, hot chocolate, lemonade, or oatmeal. You will be spoilt for choice on whatever to prepare with this machine.

Compact yet convenient

Similar to the humongous K475 above, the K55 also brings you the convenience of a removable water tank for easy and mess-free refills.

Notably, this is a slightly smaller water reservoir- 48oz that makes it a little bit compact for small kitchens and office spaces. But it’s still large enough to meet the needs of most coffee addicts.

And what of a satisfying cup of coffee?

The K55 offers you the freedom of selecting from different brew sizes. You have the choice between the 6oz or 8oz or 10oz cup sizes. If you prefer a bold shot, then go for the 6oz or 8oz. But if you like something lighter, then go for the 10oz size.

The package also includes 4 K-cup pods for you to test out which strength of the poison tantalizes your test buds. Also, an included water filter handle and some two water filters come in handy incase of ground coffee.



Our take

The K55 has about all the top-notch features that make a great single cup coffee maker. It lacks a few high-end features including temperature settings and brew strength customization. But it still remains a reliable model for the average coffee drinker considering its price.

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Keurig k575 coffee machine – Best for Commercial Use

Anyone looking for a mercenary for their business or office coffee needs is better off with the Keurig k575.

Remember the K475 that we saw earlier on? Well, this is its big bro. It comes equipped with a massive 80oz water reservoir for all the coffee that your colleagues at your workplace need.

It also boasts one of the strongest extraction pumps among all Keurig coffeemakers. No wonder it’s the best for commercial setups on this list.

Here are some of its key highlights:

Advanced technology

Similar to the K475, this brewer boasts a touch-sensitive colored screen in place of the control buttons. Worth noting, however, is that this model’s screen is slightly larger at 2.8 inches to match its large design.

Among other notable features here is the ability to program the brewer to make your coffee at a preset time.

You also have 5 temperature settings that allow you to get your mug of beverage at your preferred temperature.

Built with the Keurig 2.0 brewing technology

The latest brewing technology, the Keurig 2.0 system, featured in this machine is difficult to ignore. This is a revolutionary technology that reads and recognizes the lids of different K-pods. This ensures that you get a perfect shot from each pod every time.

Ease of use

Using the Keurig K575 is quite a breeze. Its large removable 80oz water reservoir makes it possible to make 10+ cups of coffee without the need of refilling. Not only does it save time at the office or business but is convenient as well.



Our take

The K575 is one of the most reliable coffee machines, especially for an office environment. Among other things, we like that this brewer utilizes the most recent Keurig 2.0 technology that offers the best shot from any compatible pod.

We also appreciate the freedom that this machine gives you over the strength of your coffee thanks to the multiple cup settings, brew strength settings, and temperature settings.

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Keurig K-Select Single Cup Coffeemaker- Best for value

The K-select is yet another gorgeous single serve coffee maker worth your attention. This model makes a good choice for coffee aficionados who want an affordable unit that does not disappoint in terms of coffee quality and usability.
So, why this particular model?

Easy to use

At a glance, the Keurig K-Select does not bring lots of bells and whistles that might take the coffee brewing process unnecessarily lengthy.

Using the K-Select is as simple as positioning a pod in the chamber and selecting your preferred cup or mug size.

While you have no control over the temperature of your beverage, there is a large STRONG button that intensifies the taste of your shot.

Easy maintenance

The K-Select also has a descaling button that lights on when it’s time to descale. This not helps in boosting your machine’s lifespan. But it also ensures that you get your coffee and other beverages at the right temperatures and taste.

Sizable water reservoir

In my opinion, the K-Select offers a sweet spot between convenience and space-saving design. Its 52-oz water reservoir allows you to enjoy over 5 cups of coffee before refilling.

While this tank is slightly smaller than what the K575 offers, the good thing is that it makes this brewer a little bit compact for most kitchens and offices.

This water reservoir has a see-through window that lets you see the level of the water remaining. In addition, the control panel also has a pop-up light that alerts you on when to refill the tank.

Different brew sizes

The K-Select offers different k-cup pod brew sizes ranging from 6oz to 12oz. You could also brew directly into travel mugs as tall as 7.4 inches.

By the same breath, this brewer is compatible with a wide range of K-cup pods from over 70 brands. You could also brew any other beverage including iced coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

Interestingly, you could also purchase a reusable My-k-cup filter and use it to brew scintillating shots of coffee from your home-ground coffee.



Our take

The K-Select is famed for its fair price tag, reliability, and ease of use. This beauty comes in 5 different and impressive colors that will fit perfectly in most office spaces and homes.
For those who might not afford the K575 or K475, we bet this one will fit the bill.

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Keurig K145 OfficePRO – Best for an Office

Tired of some crappy coffee maker at your office? This Keurig K145 may be what you’ve been missing all along.

Aptly crafted with a heavy-duty pump, the Keurig K145 is designed to withstand heavy-duty use in a busy office or home without premature breakdowns.

This might be what you need to keep your staff less grumpy and awake most of their time thanks to its speed, versatility, and great coffee.
Don’t simply take my word for it though. Here are some of its great features.


The Keurig K145 showcases all the attributes of a true warrior. From the sturdy construction to the heavy duty pump that can continuously spew out cup after cup of your favorite poison without giving a hint of slowing down any time soon.

Even better, the model comes along with a strong power cord that ensures that the model lives up to its expectations of serving a busy environment without throwing in some troubles.

Easy to use

True to the Keurig brands, the K145 brewer tags long a removable easy to refill and clean 48 oz water reservoir. I admit that this tank is quite smaller compared to the models that we’ve just seen. If you are light coffee drinker, though, it is still big enough to offer a few rounds before refilling.

Again, the slightly smaller water reservoir also renders this coffeemaker its small footprint which is bound to fit on most offices’ tops.



Our take

When purchasing the best coffeemaker for a busy environment, one guiding factor is the ability of the system to withstand heavy abuse without breaking down.

This means a heavy-duty pump system and a stout construction. And that’s exactly what the Keurig Officepro K145 offers.

This model scores high on durability and on the ease of usage. While its price tag is quite on the higher end considering the size of the water reservoir, we feel that it’s a great model if you don’t plan to purchase a replacement soon.

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Keurig K15 – best for students

I’m sure having a device that snuggly fits into any space and gets easily carried around is what any student who loves coffee would dream of.

A small and compact machine that fits where you want it to is what Keurig brings you with the K15. This is what most students living in dorms and small urban apartments might prefer.

So, why the Keurig K15?

Compact and stylish

The small design that characterizes this brewer is what makes it a hot shot. Any person who is always on the move and wants to save some dollar will definitely fall in love with this.

Moreover, you can still sneak this machine into any small space, without leaving your room overly crampy.

For those who don’t mind using some cool aesthetics, you aren’t left out. The model has some varieties of fun colors to choose from; black, red chili, jade blue, platinum, and true blue. Grab a color that resonates with your personality.

Uses all k-cup pod varieties

Despite its small size, the K15 is designed to allow you to indulge your taste buds on an endless stream of flavors from the world-renowned coffee brands. If you needed a frappuccino, bring it on, a latte, the same and so on and so forth. You get the gist?



Our take

A small footprint makes this brewer the best bet for students living in congested dorms and urban apartments.

Although it requires you to be patient as it brews your coffee, its price tag, and small design make it worthwhile for most students.

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Keurig K130 K-Cup – Mini Keurig – Convenient for office use

If you wanted something affordable and easy to use for your coffee needs, then the Keurig k-cup mini Keurig would be your ultimate choice.

Compact size

The Mini Keurig flaunts an 11.1 by 10 inches frame that easily fits any crowded or small counter top without a struggle.

Its small size also makes it possible to easily transport it between your home and work place thereby eliminating the need for purchasing a new brewer.

Fresh Brew

Similar to the K15 that we’ve just reviewed above, the K130 also requires you to fill its small tank each time you want to a cup of ‘gasoline.’
I have to admit that this might be a big ask for a coffee addict who takes several cups of coffee in a single sitting.

However, if you are among people who are content with a single cup for some hours, then this system is yours. It ensures that every cup is brewed from fresh water each time.

Easy to use

Undoubtedly, the ease of use and a breezy cleaning procedure will complement your busy schedule. This coffee machine does not leave you with a mess of wet filters and ground coffee spillages all over your tops to eat your time.
This is because all the brewing is done within the K-cup pod which is later disposed of with no messes.

On the same note, this machine has a mug sensor that minimizes accidental spills on your tabletops or broken or cracked wares.



Our take

The Keurig K130 is not your go-to model if you want a machine that will brew several cups of coffee really fast. Rather, it makes a good choice for anyone who is patient enough to fill the tank every time they want a fresh shot.

Its small footprint means that it won’t hog a lot of space on your kitchen shelves. It might also be the ticket if you are looking for a compact coffee maker for your RV.

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Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve Coffeemaker- Premium Choice

Our last pick here is what we would recommend to anyone who has top dollar to spend on a high-end single cup coffee maker. Enter the K Elite single serve coffeemaker.

Admittedly, this model is quite pricey compared to its siblings in this list. But its design and sturdy look and feel make it more reliable than most of its inexpensive alternatives.

Let’s talk design

The K-Elite boasts a blend of metal and plastic in its construction. It has an attractive and friendly look that will blend quite easily in any contemporary setup.

This single cup coffeemaker allows you to plump for a color that blends well with your interior aesthetics from its 3 modern and tempting hues; Platinum, Brushed Slate and Brushed Silver.

Choose from multiple cup sizes

Besides giving your kitchen a superior look, this coffee brewer has also been designed to meet your coffee needs with its multiple brew sizes.

It accommodates most of the popular cup sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12oz cups. For added convenience, you could remove the drip tray and brew directly into a travel mug up to 7.2’’ tall.

Have your coffee in no time

Unlike the Keurig K130 above, the K-Elite brews a single cup in under a minute. This machine brings a large- 75-oz- water tank that eliminates the need for regular refills.

Enjoy a variety of beverages

This system is compatible with over 70 coffee brands and thereby allows you lots of coffee choices. It also offers Ice Setting that lets you enjoy a professionally brewed shot of cuppa on rocks. It also dispenses hot water on demand for other beverages and fast meals.



Our take

If you don’t mind its seemingly high price tag, the Keurig K-Elite might be a great purchase for a big household and busy office.

This machine has an enormous water reservoir that does not require frequent refills. It also has a strong brew button and temperature settings that lets you enjoy your cuppa just as you like it.

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The Keurig Product Line

The Keurig coffee machines brand is synonymous with excellent quality. Look around in most stores. Ask the neighbor next door and the barista at your favorite local coffee joint. The chances are that they are using and will highly recommend a Keurig single cup coffeemaker.

Now, as you may have realized from the reviews above, this manufacturer offers their coffee machines in 2 major lines; household machines and commercial coffee makers.

The major difference between these 2 lines emanates from features rather than performance. This is because most Keurigs are designed to use the same brewing technology. Most of them are also compatible with similar K-cup pods.

The size of the water reservoir is one huge difference between these 2 lines. You will find that most commercial brewers boast vast water tanks that could hold anywhere between 70oz and 80oz as it’s the case with the K475 and the K575.

On the other hand, household-designed models including the K55 have anywhere between 40oz and 50oz.

There is also another line that includes compact coffeemakers that are designed for compact kitchens, apartments, and dorms.

There are no restrictions, though. You could use any model in any of the above scenarios provided it meets your coffee needs. If you are looking for a machine that you can use both at home and at your workplace, then a compact and lightweight coffeemaker is what you need.

Why is Keurig so popular?

Has something for everyone

Whether you are looking for a coffee machine for your kitchen or workplace, the chances are that Keurig has a suitable model for you.

Interesting features

Keurig is known for taking its clients by surprise through its impressive innovative approaches. This manufacturer seems to offer exactly what most people want long before they even recognize their needs.

For instance, you could get a programmable model that makes your coffee automatically just before you wake up. You could also go for another one that disposes and collects waste k-pods.

Its flagship coffeemakers, the K575 and K457 also prove that touch-sensitive controls can also be used on coffeemakers.

Easy to maintain

It’s also super easy to keep a Keurig up and running. Most of them will alert you when it’s time to descale. Even if your model doesn’t, this process is as easy as running vinegar and water solution through the system.

Reliable brand

Keurig has grown to be a highly dependable manufacturer over the years. Their customer care service is top class and there’ll always be someone to come through for you in case of any queries.

Again, unlike other giant brands like Nespresso, Keurig K-cup pods are easy to find in your local grocery stores. On this note, most Keurigs are compatible with upward of 75 brands and over 400 coffee varieties.

This is good news for coffee aficionados who want to try out different coffee tastes and flavors without spending a penny at their local coffee bar.


Anyone who is on the market for a reliable and high-quality coffeemaker that does what it is designed to do is better off with Keurig.

Other than its top-notch customer care services, we like the versatility and ease-of-use that most of its coffeemakers bring.

But wait. Similar to any other brand out there, Keurig also has its lowlight models that we would advise you to stay clear of. The Keurig K200, for instance, is slightly on the higher end in regard to price but has been bombarded with lots of negative reports across the web.

Among other things, most buyers report that this machine fails to recognize ‘compatible’ pods after a few months. Some also dislike that it requires lots of cleaning.

If I were to help you choose a reliable coffeemaker that you won’t have to break a bank for from the list above, my pick would be the Keurig K55 Classic.

This model has been fairly priced and tends to tick all the right boxes that you’d require from a reliable coffeemaker. It offers you a choice of 2 tempting colors and has a fairly large water reservoir. It’s also compatible with a wide range of K-cup pods and offers different brew sizes.